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Lo~ I'm Senri-chan~ This is simply my Len'en wiki account, but on Touhou Wiki,I'm known as "Sukuna Thwiki.png (really considering renaming this account "Sukune" because of the pun). I've been pitching in on the translation here in preparation for the updates that Jynx plans on giving Evanescent Existence, Earthen Miraculous Sword, and Reactivate Majestical Imperial (pretty much any game before Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle) that gives us the ability to English patch said games. I'm also relatively new in the business compared to long-timers like Tony64 and Popfan, so go easy on me, will ya'!? Pleased to meet you~💖 (Also, I have the habit of referring to JynX as female since her gender is ambiguous in real life and Len'en and Touhou are practically polar opposites [ZUN is male so I like referring to JynX as female]). I won't be very frequent on this account since support for this wiki has been abandoned for some time now.