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Birthdate September 25 1992
Race Human, duh.
Location Peru
  • Spanish (native)
  • English
Favorite character Yabusame~

Hello everyone. I'm SakuraMiya, but I also go by other names, such as Ximsol182 and MokoTan and one of the oldest Len'en fans over here. I started creating a humble Wikia for the series until I was summoned by Tony64, we moved it all to ShoutWiki and.....well, now Len'en has its own serious Shoutwiki! To think we'll come this far.....and I'm happy that thanks to Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle, Len'en is slowly becoming something entirely different from Touhou and its gaining more recognition.

Also, I'm KuroSara trash. Kuroji/Saragimaru is my Len'en OTP, even though it's onesided on the scoundrel's side. Just give up, Salami. Yaorochi-sama already has the Tasouken and Sukune, anyway~~

And btw, I'm the creator of the Len'en article in TvTropes. Go check it out and expand it! (There's even a HoYay article too, heehee~)