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Peculiar Beign
Born (2004-02-10) 10 February 2004 (age 15)
Location Brazil
Gender Male
Occupation Student
Sukune Katano
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Who Am I and How I Met Len'en[edit]

I was born in Brazil, I'm currently 14 years old and my name is Ryann Thierry. How I met Len'en? Well, I don't quite remember, to be honest. A long time ago, I heard Tsugumi Umatachi's theme for RMI, but that was about it. A few months later, I met Touhou. I started playing EoSD and ISC, downloading musics on my phone from the game, because I found them quite good. Some time later (I have no idea the exact time it happened) I downloaded Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle, I don't remember which version, but it was before 1.20f was out; my memory ain't so good~. Then I tried playing the tutorial but it kept crashing, then I just entered the normal game using Aoji Shitodo, but I didn't quite like his shot type. In the end, I closed the game and came back only a loooong time after that. After a few months (or maybe a year?) Minogame1 posted a video on Len'en 1, and I got interested. I then downloaded Len'en 2, and now I'm deeply attached to this franchise (what do you think it'd happen if Minogame1 didn't start playing Len'en?).

What I'm Currently Doing[edit]

Right now, I'm focusing on doing Reactivate Majestical Imperial's English Patch and Len'en 2 Paint Patch (Unoficial name: EMS Paint) I'm mostly active on the Len'en Discord server (Unreal World of Mugenri) so if you want to talk with me I'll definitely be waiting for ya. (Ryann1908#9434 for DMs) I'll proooooooobably do something with Len'en 4, but I'll try finishing these projects first. Ah, and also finish (?) learning C. I wanted to have more friends to awaaahh I'm not very good at editing things here at the wiki, but I'm improving a bit over the time~.

One Last Thing[edit]

Shoutouts to Simpleflips