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Possible Fifth team[edit]

Authority Team[edit]

Inexplicable Hakama
Tsurubami Senri
Combines the shot types of two characters you all know and love.
Options are homing but quite weak individually. Powerful forward shot, albeit narrow.
Bomb covers all screen and deals maximum damage on a straight line.
The flash bomb is pretty forward, clears bullets in a cross pattern.
Good for beginners and intermediates.

Flash bomb: Ink Card "Obsidian Blade" - Four shots that plow through everything in a straight line, forming a X-like shape.
Bomb: Mysterious Card "Monochrome Bivalence" - Affects the whole screen for low damage + A straight line laser dealing high damage to anything standing in front.

Eyes Forsaken By the Gods, but Loved by The World
Xeno a
Playing with them is, as expected, quite a gamble.
Slow shot type (cards) with a rather significant range.
Deals various amount of damage depending on the card number. 1 is the lowest, while the Eye of Senri is the highest.
Both the bomb and flashbomb are quite a gamble.
Are you willing to take the risk?

Flash bomb: Roulette of Destiny - Intense damage to a random fixed rectangular area on the screen.
Bomb: Certainty "Jackpot" - Rolls three numbers and deals varied damage on all enemies depending on the outcome. Three similar numbers triples the damage done.

Fad-following Spell Collector
Haiji Senri
Those who know 'that' game will immediately recognize their shots.
Their unfocused shot is "Humming Omelette", and their focused shot is "Perfection Noodle".
Their Bomb is "Anvil Selling Circle", which deals fairly high damage to everything around them.
Overall very pleasant to use.
Very good for beginners.

Flash Bomb: Phantom Seal - Circle aimed at a random enemy on-screen. Low damage.
Bomb: Sprite Sign "Anvil Selling Circle" - High damage in a small rectangular area around the player when the bomb is launched.

Sub-event ideas[edit]

Foolhardy Courage
Bullets fade out when player moves. They fade back in when player is still.

Border Slash
Warning laser effect on screen, then it's cut in half. If player is within the slash, they take damage equal to a white bullet's damage and forced on one of both sides of the split screen. They can only move in either portion of the screen they're in for the duration of the cell.

Bullet Speed Up I/II/III/IV
Enemy bullets' speed increases by 20/40/60/80%. Also applies to lasers.

Screen Flip
Inverts the screen either horizontally or vertically (or sometimes both).

One-trigger Kill
Fujiwara no Shirogane no Sanra's Trigger shot gimmick occasionally attempts to chase and shoot down the player during the cell it happens in.

Shooting becomes 50% more powerful, but it drains quickly your health when you use it. (~ twice the speed of poison)

Hardship in Rain
Additional bullets will fall from the top of the screen. Density varies depending on difficulty.

More to be added soon!