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Also known as Haru, Youmu Konpaku, Cinnamon Bun
1 haruyoumu.jpg
「 Half-Human, Half-Phantom Artist 」
Born (2001-08-06) 6 August 2001 (age 18)
Location Japan (Gensokyo..?)
Gender Female
Circle(s) Mystic Benzene
Occupation Artist..?
Websites DeviantART
Tsurubami Senri, Tenkai Zuifeng, Sukune Katano, Yago Ametsukana

Hey hello, Harujion (or alternatively, Haru or even Youmu) here! I'm a casual artist who sometimes helps around with translations and stuff; though I am working on a few TH and LE fangames myself. Regardless, feel free to bug me on Discord, or the websites I've linked on the side over there, I'm usually around, thought that all depends on how well I've been sleeping haha-

But hm. I suppose I wound up here by fate.. nah, nah, just kidding! I wound up here thanks to Tsurubami Senri ( well, it was their theme that caught my attention ) and it all went downhill from there. Or would it be uphill? I dunno, really. One moment I was somewhere and now I'm here, and I'm not complaining. Though, sometimes, I do miss Gensokyo~ (lies).

As for achievements; I've currently completed all games on Normal (with RMI on Hard, BPoHC on Unreal as well) with all Extra's complete sans EMS. And I do have a LVL1300~ so run of ABEX+a BPoHC but that doesn't really count, does it ^^; I just got really lucky with that run, that's all, and hopefully I can achieve for better runs (or even ABEX) for the future. That is, of course, if I have time and not drowning in art or personal matters.

As for contributions to the wiki I don't really do much, ehehe~ I do translate stuff here and there, but even then; that's really basic due to my (somewhat) faulty English. Ah well, I hope to help around really, no matter how small. As a native Japanese; I kinda feel bad for not helping, but maybe that's just me. But on the other hand, I do kinda help around on the Discord Server, as a moderator... or Prunsism Disciple along with Zaro and Tuck! Actually, I'm the newest in the whole moderator team and staff in general; but hey, I've gotta do my best!! ♡

Anyways, anyways, enough joking around and speaking about myself! Once again, I hope to help around and stuff ♥♥♥

Team Mystic Benzene[edit]

Ah yeah, I might as well put this here. As one of the members in this small circle, I'm the artist for portraits and misc. sprites while the others deal with graphics, music and coding...! Welp, but better not say too much yet- our project is top secret after all. 💕

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