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Haru's Avatar
The Cyberbrain Princess
Born (1999-11-23) 23 November 1999 (age 19)
Location Thailand
Occupation Danmakufu Scripter, Music Extender
Tsurubami Senri

Hello there! My name's Haru. I'm a grade 12 student, an amateur danmakufu scripter, and a music extender. I live in Thailand. You can contact me via Facebook, Youtube, and Discord, but my main stay is Facebook.

Danmakufu Scripting[edit]

I'm an amateur danmakufu scripter. I script boss battle and a whole stage, but not a full game, multiply stages, and troll script. My danmaku pattern scripting style is that of a plain and simple pattern that ripoff from the original game. Teachers who have been taught me about Danmakufu is Talos Mistake, Kirbio123, and Yaki Natashi, and my fellow danmaku scripter is SaKaNa.