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gmestanley (Stanley)
Born (2004-03-10) 10 March 2004 (age 15)
Location Brazil
Gender Male
Hooaka Shitodo
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Hi, I'm gmestanley, mostly known as Stanley. I like games, make games and love both Touhou and Len'en.
How I knew Len'en? Well, I first saw it on this wiki's article about either EE or EMS. After that, I saw dragondawg's Touhou x Len'en crossover video. How I got into Len'en? I think it was by watching a video about Fools' Rush In. I can't really remember.
I guess Suzumi erased my memories...
I really like dragons, but I also like nekos. And for some reason, my birthday is the same as Jinbei's reveal date.

About my favorite character[edit]

Now you may be asking, "why is Hooaka your favorite character?". Well, here comes the explanation: First, I really like their design. The clothes, the fire and ice powers, their red hair. Second, I like how their lazy personality matches me nowadays. Third, the fact that they're not smart at all contrasts nicely with me. Sometimes it's good to like something or someone different than you.

What do I do[edit]

My creations are a secret to everybody...just kidding. I'm making an RPG inspired on Final Fantasy and some RPG Maker games. I'm doing my own Touhou-like project, the Kimyou Project. However, the rest of it is a secret~
I also have a YouTube channel, but I yet have to upload lots of videos to it.

One Last Thing[edit]

So, the story ends like that. Nice to meet ya.