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Born 1997
Location New Zealand
Gender no gender we die like
Age 20
Circle(s) Miracle Sylphae
Occupation Fumei dev/director, artist, novice music composer, resident Cool Dad™ to various fictional characters

Tungle- I mean, Tumblr

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Well, hiya~

I'm Reni, a 20-year-old Len'en fan who's, um, rather introverted and socially anxious, but I'm trying my best to work around that! That being said, I'm happy to ramble about Len'en things with people if they wanna~ Other things I like to ramble about include Nansei Project, Touhou, Pokemon, Professor Layton, music stuff, and most likely a bunch of other stuff I can't recall right now! x3

Also, Genny is my Cool Friendo™ *ok hand emoji*

I don't recall exactly when I first found Len'en, but I do know it's been at least two years since that moment. Pretty sure I became truly hooked around the time RMI's demo version was released~

I do have a fair amount of experience with wikia editing from my time on Nansei Project Wiki, so I suppose shoutwiki editing shouldn't be too difficult to learn...whenever I have a proper opportunity to, anyway. ^^;

I've also taken to trying to translate some things on occasion, though I can't really do that much yet... ^^;

Ah, yeah, and I don't really have a particular favourite character from Len'en. Too hard to choose between 'em, hehe~

I'm also YabuTsuba, TsuruTen, TsuruXeno, and TsuruTenXeno trash tbh (and may or may not also be becoming KuroTsuba trash too, rip me). YabuTsuba is most likely the Len'en OTP there~

Mmm, I think that should be all. Have a nice day, and feel free to give me a shout (heh) if you need my help with anything~! ^^

(Oh, what's Miracle Sylphae currently doing, you ask? S e c r e t ~ ♪)