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Work in Progress

Star Chart[edit]

The following table lists all the stars on the BPoHC Main Menu. The position of each star on the table matches with how they are presented in the menu of the game (so the lowest left star in the table corresponds to the lowest left star in the menu). Information about how to unlock each star can be seen by hovering over the star.

The color of the star indicates how much information is known about the star. A red star has, as far as contributors to the Star Hunt know, has yet to be unlocked. An orange star has been known to be unlocked by someone, but the exact requirements on how to unlock the star is unknown. A yellow star has known requirements, but more testing is required to be exactly certain of how these stars are unlocked. For these stars, the current idea (which is confirmed to work) on how to unlock the star is in the hover information. Finally, a green star is a star in which the requirements for unlocking the star are completely known.

Common Terminology[edit]

The following list of terms are used as shorthand throughout this document

  • 1cc - One Credit Clear. A successful run in which no continues have been used
  • Route 1/2/3/4 - The route you take on a run through BPoHC can have an effect on what you unlock in the game (not just stars itself). The routes themselves are determined by what final boss you fight, and the route numbers are taken from the ingame endings. Route 1 (also known as the Haze Castle Route) has Chouki as a final boss, Route 2 (also known as the Brilliant Pagoda Route) has Mitori as a final boss, Route 3 (also known as the Neutral Route) has Clause, Yabusame, Yaorochi, Shion, Tsubakura or Tenkai as a final boss. Finally, Route 4 (also known as the Secret Route) has Suzumi as a final boss.
  • ID - Instant Death Mode. This mode can be toggled in the options menu, and disables barriers and makes all hits cost a life regardless of the damage of the bullet.
  • Lv0000 - Level 0000. A run in which the total sum of a player's levels from upgrades and skills is equal to 0.
  • ABEx - Absurdly Extra. An extra difficult version of the Extra Stage
  • SX-Y - A shorthand way to refer to stars. X is the row number (Starting from the bottom), and Y is the column number (counting from the left). So S1-1 is the lowest left star, S1-2 is the star to the right of that star and S2-1 is the star above S1-1.

Star Ideas[edit]

  • 99 hits in a run
  • All Easy and EX Cards Capped (Try Normal+EX maybe)
  • 0 hit 1cc

If you have any ideas on what could unlock stars, please send a message to Doppelotter (@Bryce Davonport#2785 on Discord) or leave a message on the Discussion Page.