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Location Arizona
Gender Female
Age 20
Kuroji Shitodo
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I'm Acy. Contrary to popular belief it's pronounced something like "Ackie".

Feel free to reach out to me at any on twitter @acyfactory or on discord Acy#8123! I'm in the wiki server but talking to too many people at a time stresses me out so I'm not very active, but I'd love to talk one-on-one or in smaller groups sometime!

I've been making anonymous edits on the wiki here and there, but I'd like to contribute some more and maybe even do some translations so I'd thought it'd be best to finally make an account. Or maybe I just wanted to make one of these user pages since they looked like fun, but it's also kind of embarrassing? Just thinking about how this page is going to show up in my RSS feed in a couple of minutes makes me really nervous for some reason~

Even though I haven't contributed any translations for the series yet(I have tons of drafts though, I'll get to it!) I think Len'en pretty much inspired me to learn Japanese. I always get into stuff that has pretty small english-speaking communities and I would just accept that there would be parts of these series that I would never be able to understand, but it never really occurred to me that I should learn Japanese until I got into Len'en. I was super desperate for more content and eventually my stupid google translate sessions turned into proper study sessions and I understand things now! Hooray! I hope I can help others understand eventually too. Other than Len'en I want to translate stuff from Puyo Puyo/Madou Monogatari, Youkai Watch, Orange_Juice, and whatever other niche Japanese things I get into.

Kuroji is my favorite character, but really I have so many favorites I think it's easier to sort them into groups. First up would be the EE cast/outside world humans, it seems like their life before coming to Mugenri was just as exciting and dangerous, if not even more so. They all interact in a way that you can tell that they've been through a lot together, in some cases this made them closer, but in others it strained their relationship. I want to know more about what they were up to in the outside world! It probably wasn't anything good!

Next would be New Emperor team. These three really grew on me in BPoHC, they might even be my favorite team. Fumikado and Iyozanes's relationships to the final bosses was really interesting. Tsugumi got tons of interesting hints about their background in the Neutral scenario, even if we don't know anything concrete yet. In a way, Fumikado and Iyozane were both raised to be emperor, but Iyozane was the heir to the current emperor and Fumikado was raised in a weird samurai cult? Their pasts are both totally different and similar at the same time and I think this makes for a pretty interesting relationship between the two. I’m sure Iyozane would like to think they’re the mature and smart one, but I think they have a lot of growing up a learning to do as well. Tsugumi is the only adult here lol.

The next group includes Iyozane too, that would be the Brilliant cast/Imperials. I like to think a lot about the relationship these characters had before Iyozane’s death. Even if they’re responsible, I don’t think Mitori hated Iyozane, in fact I think Iyozane was the only sibling that Mitori didn’t hate. They just don’t really think like a normal person ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

And finally a group that I don’t really have a name for, well I do but I’m not really sure it conveys what characters I’m talking about, I call them former Senri. It contains Tsurubami, Tenkai, Tsugumi, and Hibaru. And maybe Xeno a and Jinbei too. When I said the Neutral scenario contained lots of interesting hints about Tsugumi’s past I was talking about this. We don’t really know much yet but just the fact that these four are related is super intriguing!

A really rambled about a bunch of things nobody cares about since I don’t get a chance to talk about Len’en to other people very often. In fact this isn’t even “talking to other people”...

My greatest accomplishment is how I'm banned from the wiki poll because I accidently spam voted for Scoundrel Team.