Unnamed Magritte Passengers

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Unnamed Magritte Passengers
The two in their room
Miscellaneous Works

The unnamed Magritte passengers are two unnamed characters shown riding The Wings of Magritte. Little is known about them, and even whether they are relevant to the Len'en Project is unknown. When asked about them, JynX states that they are a secret that will be revealed at a later time.[1][2]

Background Information[edit]


The first passenger has white hair and eyes, wearing a black top with additionally brown sleeves, a white necktie, and a green skirt with what appears to be a pattern design going down the front.

The other passenger has their face hidden from view. They have black hair and wears a white dress and white socks.


Critical Point Bidding its Last Farewell

The two first appeared in the video video Critical Point Bidding its Last Farewell, which focused on The Wings of Magritte's theme. the video came along with drawings done by JynX, which he said were scribbles and were not to be taken seriously. These drawings were not coloured and only showed the face of one of the two. In these, they were shown to be on the train doing miscellaneous things, like reading and drinking tea, and at the end walking on the train's tracks.


On 14 October 2016, JynX uploaded two coloured drawings of the unnamed passengers onto Twitter. The one whose face was not shown previously remains obscure. They were shown looking out into what seems to be outer space in both the dining car and their room.


They have no known relation to any Len'en characters, besides each other. Interestingly however on the Twitter images, stuffed toy versions of Yabusame Houlen and Tsubakura Enraku are present.

Hal & Hoojiro Shitodo[edit]

It is highly implied that these two are in fact Hal & Hoojiro Shitodo, but there is no actual confirmation of this.



Official Sources[edit]


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