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A tsukumogami (付喪神) is a type of youkai produced from a tool or object inhabited by one of the eight million gods. In Japanese legend, all types of tsukumogami gain life and sentience on the 100th anniversary of their creation, and can range from harmless and friendly beings to horrifying vengeful spirits, depending on how they were treated and used. It is also said that modern electric items cannot become tsukumogami. It is unclear on how tsukumogami are treated in the Len'en Project. The only known example thus far is Mitsumo.

Types of Tsukumogami[edit]

This lists the types of Tsukumogami that appear in Len'en.


Ungaikyou (雲外鏡, lit. "mirror beyond the clouds") are mirrors that have existed for over a hundred years and became a youkai. They are said to have the power to show humans the image of a youkai they could become, or control other youkai that have looked into the mirror.

Characters that are this species[edit]

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