Thinker in the Eibon

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Filler of the Ivory Cup
Hoojiro, a member of Thinker in the Eibon
Other Names Thinker in the Eibon
Species Unknown (Most likely humans)
Location Outside World
Music Themes
  • 象牙の杯 ~ Cup of Eibon (AWTIF)

The Thinker in the Eibon, alternatively Filler of the Ivory Cup (象牙の杯を酌む者, Zōge no Hai wo Kumumono), is a mysterious organization that studies and experiments with the universe's unknown mechanisms, which they call "Black Boxes".

General Information[edit]


The name Thinker in the Eibon is based on the "Cup of Eibon", which is a mug-shaped cup that is "filled in the abyss accumulated at the base of a spring of wisdom, deep-rooted at the pith of the world". The organization's other name, Filler of the Ivory Cup, likely also makes reference to the same cup. Interestingly, it is said that someone has seen the Cup of Eibon before.[1]

Scope of Study[edit]

Thinker in the Eibon believes that much of the world's mechanisms are still unknown and conducts experiments using those mechanisms, which they call Black Boxes. In science, a black box is a system whose internal workings are not understood, but can still achieve results based on inputs and outputs.


While Tsubakura being part of Thinker in the Eibon is unconfirmed, it's possible that they are, given their close ties to Hoojiro and their research into the workings of Mugenri.

Background Information[edit]

Name & Origin[edit]

The name "Filler of the Ivory Cup" makes reference to the Magic: The Gathering card "Ivory Cup". The character 酌む is used in the title for both of its meanings, "to fill and drink from a vessel (typically sake)" and "to think, guess, hypothesize, contemplate, etc. about something", thus the title may also be translated as "Drinker of the Ivory Cup" and "Thinker of the Ivory Cup".

The alternate name "Thinker in Eibon", makes reference to the fictional Lovecraftian magician "Eibon of Mhu-Thulan", first mentioned in the Hyperborean Cycle by Clark Ashton Smith. The most famous artefact pertaining to him being the Book of Eibon, which contains the magic spells he practised, records of the area he lived in and historical accounts of other mages. When H. P. Lovecraft adopted the character and the book into his own writings, he wrote that the book was translated from its original lost language of "Hyperborea" into several other languages, notably Liber Ivonis in Latin and Livre d'Ivon in French. Here, "Ivon" and "Ivonis" is meant to conjure up the image of ivory white, as opposed to the ebony black "Eibon" alludes to, both referenced in the title of the organization. However, there seems to be nothing that ties either Eibon or his book to a cup.


A World That Isn't Fantasy[edit]

Thinker in the Eibon was one of Hal and Hoojiro Shitodo's conversation topics in the short story of "A World That Isn't Fantasy", where Hoojiro explains to Hal what the organization is and the origin of its name.

Additional Information[edit]

  • It may be that Yabusame Houlen and Clause are members of the organization as well, as sections of their themes can be found in "Ivory Cup ~ Cup of Eibon".