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This is a documentation subpage for Template:Spell Card Info.
It contains usage information, categories and other content that is not part of the original template page.

{{Spell Card Info}} is a table template used to display spell card details as they appear in the game they come from.

Note: Please read the guidelines about how spell cards are constructed if you wish to add spell cards to the wiki.


Use the following parameters to create a spell card table:

  • |image=: A link to a screenshot of the spell card
  • |number=: The spell card number
  • |name=: The spell card name in it's native language, usually Japanese
  • |romaji=: (Optional) The spell card name in romaji
  • |transname=: The spell card translated into english
  • |owner=: The owner of the spell card
  • |owner2=: (Optional) The second owner of the spell card
  • |owner3=: (Optional) The third owner of the spell card
  • |difficulty=: The difficulty mode the spell card appears on (Easy, Normal, Hard, Unreal, Easy Extra, Extra, Absurdly Extra)
  • |comment=: (Optional) A comment related to the spell card



{{Spell Card Info
| image      =[[File:Le03SC196.jpg|192px|Screenshot]]
| number     =196
| name       =「番いの鶴」
| romaji     ="Tsugai no Tsuru"
| transname  ="The Twin Cranes"
| owner      =Tenkai Zuifeng
| stage      =Extra Stage
| difficulty =Absurdly Extra
| comment    =TWIN CRAAAAANES!!

Renders as:

Spell Card 196

Spell Card 196
「番いの鶴」"Tsugai no Tsuru"
"The Twin Cranes"
Tenkai Zuifeng
Extra Stage — Absurdly Extra