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This is a documentation subpage for Template:Infobox Location.
It contains usage information, categories and other content that is not part of the original template page.

The {{Infobox Location}} is used for locations pages, to provide quick references to common information about said location. See Mugenri as an example on how it's laid out.


Use the following parameters to provide information for a character:

  • |nameJp=: The location's name in Japanese.
  • |nameEn=: The name in English or the translation of it from Japanese.
  • |nameIPA=: Name pronunciation in Japanese IPA. Any soundfiles that demonstrate the pronunciation should be linked here as well.
  • |image=: Image of the latest appearance of the location.
  • |caption=: Caption that goes under the image.
  • |nameFull=: The location's full, official name.
  • |nameAlt=: Any other names for the location, or alternative/incorrect romanisation possibly in use.
  • |creator=: If the location has been created by someone (optional)
  • |location=: Where is the location located?
  • |capital=: The location's capital.
  • |ruler=: A character or identity that occupies the location.
  • |population=: An esimated amount of people who lives here.
  • |residents=: A list of characters or common species that are known to live or have been seen here.
  • |appearance=: Official media that this location has appeared in. Dialogue doesn't count, so being "mentioned" doesn't apply here (but may be added in "Official Sources").


The entrance to the Senri Shrine in Evanescent Existence on the edge of Mugenri
Full Name Unreal Land
Other Names Mugenli
Creator Senri Shrine's first priest
Location Not the outside world
Capital Devanagara
Ruler Tsurubami Senri
Residents Humans, Youkai, Gods, etc.

Code below, with result to the right.

{{Infobox Location
| nameJp ={{ruby-ja|无現里|むげんり}}
| nameEn =Mugenri
| nameIPA =mɯᵝɡ̃ẽ̞nɾi
| image =[[File:Le01SenriShrineEntrance.png‎|200px]]
| caption = The entrance to the [[Senri Shrine]] in [[Evanescent Existence]] on the edge of Mugenri
| nameFull = Unreal Land
| nameAlt = Mugenli
| creator = [[Senri Shrine]]'s first [[Shinto priest|priest]]
| location = Not the [[outside world]]
| capital = [[Devanagara]]
| ruler = [[Tsurubami Senri]]
| residents = [[Human]]s, [[Youkai]], [[God]]s, etc.
| appearances = *The ''[[Len'en Project]]'' games

Note that this may need the {{list}} template to list appearances. Without it, for some reason, the bulleting list might break and not display the list properly.

This template will also automatically add a page to Category:Locations when implemented. If, for whatever reason, this is not desired, call |nocat=yes.


Originally based on Template:Infobox Location from the Touhou Wiki.