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Character description stuff[edit]

Can I ask where the, uh, "megalomaniac" and "bloodthirsty for revenge" stuff is coming from? Their in-game dialogue isn't on the wiki yet, but giving it a quick look-over... doesn't really give that impression. Kind of the total opposite, really? Gilde (talk) 02:13, 7 December 2016 (UTC)

Like, okay, I should probably actually go into detail so that I'm not just being flippant.
-They're not a power-hungry maniac; their profile and dialogue make it clear that they tore down the old dynasty because they valued the populace over imperial tradition or bloodlines. They weren't ostracized as a bastard, since the old emperor wanted to prop them up as a legitimate successor. They didn't "kill the other successors out of revenge", since Sanra was 5th in line for the throne and they're Mitori's most trusted ally. The coup succeeded in the first place because the populace and military already respected and supported them; the coup's victims were all corrupt politicians, officials, cult leaders, and so on. (...Well, there was this one ice-cream man. But that aside.)
-In Fumikado's scenario, Iyozane and Mitori talk about Iyozane's death like it was a planned suicide; Mitori says Iyozane was locked in the palace like a caged bird, and Iyozane's only complaint is that Mitori was mistaken about the poison being painless. Mitori's excited to see Iyo again, if anything.
-The 'fortune' they spent on candy was their monthly allowance from Sanra; they're vehement about not touching the national treasury in Fumikado and Kuroji's scenarios.
-They never heard about the "break the mirror of heaven" rumor. Suzumi only started that rumor as bait to lure out Tsubakura, and the Castle and Haze bosses never mention it. Mitori's only reaction to it in Yabusame's scenario is mild confusion. They went to war with the Mayfly Army because they received intel that the Mayflies were planning to attack first, and (in Shrine Team's ending) figured it would be a good way to bolster the populace's pre-existing faith in them. They fight the protagonists just as warm-up exercise before heading to the front lines. They talk big about taking down the Senri Shrine and all that, but so does basically everyone? At the end of the game, they just call off the war with the Mayflies and go back to their usual business as the city's beloved ruler.
I mean, they're kind of smug and give off a 'naive kid' impression (what with the allowance and not having any concrete plans for what to do with the capital from now on), but they're not a crazy villain or anything? Gilde (talk) 04:50, 7 December 2016 (UTC)

Mitori's bow[edit]

Finally got word back from JynX on what the bow is supposed to be called. He said it's Rudhira, which I immediately googled, and the results certainly make sense. ――Popfan (talk/contribs) 19:36, 19 December 2016 (UTC)