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The quickly/cha-cha thing. Once and for all.[edit]

Before starting, I am fully aware that "cha-cha" has already gained immense popularity in the fandom as a very cherished line from Tsurubami, and there's no reversing that. I am also aware that, in relation to this issue, JynX has publicly tweeted to "imagine it as you wish". It is, however, also a mistranslation—and a pretty significant one, as a dance and an adverb have no business being confused together. However, I feel that we should decide in clear terms whether "quickly" or "cha-cha" is preferred—and in doing so, set a standard for whether the wiki translations will aim for accuracy to the original text or for fandom-preferred woolseyisms.

Personally, I strongly believe that the infamous line should be corrected to "Haha, very good! Well then, let's wrap this up quickly, shall we?", at least on the wiki. I feel that the wiki should aim for translation accuracy over fandom-preferred woolseyisms, especially since we don't have an equivalent of the THPatch wiki that can carry a separate instance of the dialogue. As the wiki carries the only instance of English-translated dialogue, it is doubly important that we focus on translation accuracy—we are directly responsible for any mistranslations and misconceptions that spread throughout the community.

In anticipation of the "it adds to Tsurubami's character" defense, I would also like to add that throughout EE, Tsurubami is depicted as a straightforward, diligent character who, while perhaps willing to cut loose somewhat, will not break into metaphorical speech without any prior context. If anything, this line is a derailment from Tsurubami's character.

  • The metaphorical talk about snakes and eels in "Tsubakura"'s Stage 1 dialogue is prompted by Kurohebi's name (translating into "black snake"), which is shown to the player well in advance of the line.
  • Likewise, Tsurubami's "wipe away your prestige" line in Yabusame's Extra Stage scenario is written in response to Yabusame's "recover your dishonor" line. Again, Yabusame's line is shown in advance of Tsurubami's line.
  • However, in the Stage 4 conversation with Hooaka, Tsurubami (posing as Tsubakura) is caught off-guard with the sudden, unprompted topic switch to noodle sauce, hesitating in dialogue. This is not an attempt to emulate Tsubakura—this is Tsurubami's personality showing; the entire scenario shows that Tsurubami did not bother to copy any of Tsubakura's mannerisms or speech patterns.
  • Tsurubami's dialogue in Tsubakura's Extra Stage scenario shows that, while prone to getting slightly carried away with statements ("Yes! The righteous priest who protects the country beyond here!"), that's all the "silliness" Tsurubami exhibits in the dialogue. Tsurubami is, for the most part, straightforward and is the one driving the conversation along, in contrast to Tsubakura occasionally inserting dry quips into their responses.

However, I am perfectly fine with "cha-cha" being mentioned in the footnotes of the wiki translation as being the source of the cha-cha meme surrounding Tsurubami. It has its place in the history of the fandom, whether any of us like it or not, simply from being an issue that hasn't been confronted decisively for so long. Additionally, I am also fine with patches that re-add the "cha-cha" line or any other forms of acknowledgment of it (similar to how the IN "bitch" line for Marisa was handled on THPatch). My only issue is that this line should be correctly translated on the wiki, rather than leaving the correct translation as a footnote and secondary to the fandom woolseyism. Zenryaku (talk) 21:08, 16 March 2018 (UTC)

All this and more. No matter how popular it is in the fandom interpretation of Tsurubami, its very important that we have as accurate translations as we can on the wiki and that includes to remove the "cha-cha" line from the main bulk of translations and only be added as a footnote. I really have nothing else to add here since you've covered most, if not all, of my complaints about the mistranslated line. (Apologizes if I'm formatting wrong, never used a talk page before ^^;) Shinkuu (talk) 21:24, 16 March 2018 (UTC)
Ya likewise agreed Gilde (talk) 00:15, 19 March 2018 (UTC)