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A spirit from Book of the Cafe
A spirit from Book of the Cafe.
Location Literally everywhere in Mugenri
Official Games

Spirits (精霊, seirei) are incorporeal entities that are most typically tied to nature, a person's soul, or the afterlife. Spirits may take on many various forms, depending on the type. Some are harmless, and can even be collected, whereas others may attack for no reason. If a spirit is strong enough, it may possibly possess the body of a living enemy.

It is known that absorbing a spirit from a living individual will shorten their lifespan, dependent of how much is taken.

Spirits in Len'en Project[edit]

Mugenri is home to two known types of spirits, though neither have specific names. Though they can appear anywhere, other locations are known to have higher concentrations, like the Gloomy Straits.

One type of spirit is known for their hollow, sullen expressions, and wearing hitaikakushi on their heads. They are regularly aggressive, attacking almost anyone they encounter.

The second type is a harmless variant, appearing to have no will of its own. They are smaller, and resemble an orb with a yellow or orange core. They may be collected and dealt with however the owner pleases. This may range from selling to an interested merchant (ex. Kuroji Shitodo), or absorbed to become stronger (ex. Shion and Sese Kitsugai).

It is known that Fujiwara no Iyozane can attract different spirits using a youkai flute, or the "Saeda", given to them by Taira no Fumikado. This allows them to use it in battle, both offensively and defensively.


Book of the Cafe

These enemies were revealed to be in Book of the Cafe.[1] Only one appears.

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