Sodden Decaying Garden

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(うるお) (くさ) (にわ)
Sodden Decaying Garden
Location Near the Unlost Woods
Official Games

The Sodden Decaying Garden (潤い腐る庭 Uruoi Kusaru Niwa) is a dark garden with leafless trees. The trees seem to be able to move, much like those in the Unlost Woods, which may mean that the garden is only a section of the woods and not its own area. Not much is known about this area at all.

The Garden's Appearances[edit]

Earthen Miraculous Sword

The Sodden Decaying Garden is where the protagonists encounter Hibaru Kokutenshi, who tried to force them into taking a loan from Gappori. They were defeated and the protagonists moved on.

Additional Information[edit]

The word for soddening (潤い) could also translate to profitable, which could be a reference to Hibaru Kokutenshi's ability to make profit.