Sukune's house

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Sukune's house
sɨᵝkɯ̟ᵝne̞ no̞ ie̞
Entrance to Katano Studio
Entrance of Sukune's house
Creator Sukune Katano
Location Pass the Sodden Decaying Garden in the Unlost Woods; left side of the Shrine Road

Sukune's house is a strange building completely made out of pottery clay. Its shape resembles a giant haniwa. It lies at the end of the Road of the Haniwa in the Unlost Woods. There are numerous pieces of clay artwork on display and it seems messy on the inside. It's the home of Sukune Katano and Adagumo no Yaorochi and the setting for the final stage of Earthen Miraculous Sword.

Ritual Chamber[edit]

The Ritual Chamber (儀式場, Gishiki-ba) is a large space occupying the house's roof. It was here that Yaorochi worked to wield the essence of Tasouken, and is thought to spend most of their time here.

In all of the Ritual Chamber's appearances, there appears to be a large cloud split evenly in half. However, it is unknown if this cloud is always present or not.


Earthen Miraculous Sword

The house is both the Stage 5 (outside) and 6 (inside; below the Ritual Chamber) location of Earthen Miraculous Sword. Here, the heroes fight Sukune Katano and Adagumo no Yaorochi, the ones responsible for the incident.

Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle

The house re-appears again at Stage 6:-1, where Yaorochi could be found. The stage scenery is the same as that from its appearance from the previous game. Yaorochi hides here to stop both factors of the ongoing war from having them be of help for their military, thanks to the power of the Tasouken. The Teams will come here without much leads to why, leading Yaorochi to be suspicious.