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The Len'en Project is a series of 2D vertically-scrolling danmaku shooting games made by JynX. The gaming series is heavily inspired by the Touhou Project Thwiki.png, taking many elements such as gameplay, music, setting and characters. The games are available for free download. The navbox at the bottom of this page can take you to known content related to Len'en.

Len'en Wiki covers all official Len'en Project games and materials, and it is happy to host fan-made material related to the Len'en Project, such as fan-made games and music. The wiki is based on the Touhou Wiki Thwiki.png, specifically to host Len'en content. Everyone is welcome to read and contribute to it. Keep the policies, copyrights, and editing guidelines in mind while editing. For starters, you could check the links under Articles Needing Attention.

Please notify our staff with issues or suggestions.

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Official News Wiki news
  • 2017/04/05 - We have created a forum! Feel free to join here!
  • 2017/03/08 - JynX's answers for the interview have been included and translated!
  • 2016/12/19 - JynX will be answering more questions from the Western fanbase! (see here)
  • 2016/12/16 - ShoutWiki has been upgraded to MediaWiki version 1.28