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This is a list of miscellaneous content related to Reactivate Majestical Imperial.

Differences Between Versions[edit]


v1.00 and v1.10 Differences[edit]

Apart from a secret playable character being implemented, there were also some significant changes to the game between the previous v1.00a and v1.10a.

  • The biggest difference is that danmaku and spell card patterns throughout the game have been re-worked on, and some may be considered simpler compared to the original.
  • In the main Japanese title, the complex-looking kanji "" in "Len'en" has been converted to the simpler-looking "" throughout most of the game. This is to update the standard kanji JynX is currently using with Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle.
  • The graphics on the title screen and the gameboard have been re-worked on, one reason being the point mentioned above, along with a unique gameboard for the hidden playable.
  • The alternate full-screen mode from Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle has been added to the configuration program.
  • All text-related files are now open-source outside the dat.led file in accordance to Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle, making it easier for one to customise them.
  • Some 3D background were re-worked on.
  • You start with three lives rather than two on the lower difficulty modes.
  • The player now starts with 2.00 power for the extra stage rather than no power.
  • Dialogue boxes now have a grey bar over the speaker's name.
  • Very trivial graphic fixes.

Unused Material[edit]

  • Jun Amanomiya's umbrella sprite were left from Earthen Miraculous Sword. No enemy shoots umbrella bullets in this game, rendering this sheet unused.
  • There are two unused enemies in the game: a black T-shaped enemy with a green eye in its center, and a grey-and-black enemy that resembles a snake with wings. These have been here since Evanescent Existence.


This is a list of known glitches, bugs or other unusual capabilities that aren't supposed to be part of the original gameplay.

  • When clearing a stage with Suzumi Kuzu, the stage cleared screen shows Adagumo no Saragimaru and Kuroji Shitodo rather than Suzumi. This was fixed in v1.11a.
  • On the stage title cards, "Stage 1" etc. wouldn't appear in v1.10a.
  • The SFX on Stage 5 might go quiet.
  • Tenkai Zuifeng's theme during the Extra Stage may go loud and/or muted near the end of its loop. This was working before v1.10a.