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Species Monochroid

NiLU (ニル, Niru) is the protagonist of BOOK of the CAFE. They're an amnesiac monochroid tasked with collecting information on Mugenri along with Tom C. Zemlja.

General Information[edit]

NiLU was teased in an image titled "do Not, I Love U" posted by JynX on Twitter on 6 October 2019.[1] They were properly introduced in Len'en's 6th Anniversary video alongside Tom.


NiLU is shown to be somewhat unexpressive, approaching their task in a matter-of-fact way unlike their partner.[2] Perhaps as a result of losing their memories, they struggle with defining sensations, such as not being able to tell what it's like to be excited[3] or not being consciously aware of the shift in temperature in Hooaka's space.[4] That is not to say they are actually emotionless, however - for example, NiLU gets upset at Tom multiple times,[5][6] and they end up being really eager for learning more about Tsubakura over time.[7] NiLU has a strange, dry sense of humor, often wrongly interpreting Tom's words as jokes.[2] In addition, they apparently greatly enjoy food.[8]

Background Information[edit]


Their only known name is NiLU, which seems to be an abbreviation of the phrase "(do) Not, I Love U", as seen from a teaser of the character from JynX's Twitter.[1] Their Japanese name, ニル, may also mean "nil", which along with Rei, Zelo and Lin points to the number 0. "Nilu" can also read as niru (煮る, lit. "cook"), fitting for their role in Book of the Cafe.


JynX attempted several designs for the character before their first teaser.[8] They wear an unusual black and red cap with black neck flaps and have white bandages that cover over their eyes, but they have Eye of Senri on their left eye. They also wear black ankle bandages and a black cape, with belts coloured white, purple, red then blue.


Book of the Cafe

NiLU is the main protagonist of Book of the Cafe.[8] Along with Tom C. Zemlja, they are tasked with collecting information on Mugenri while running a "café", although it is unclear who gave them the task.


Tom C. Zemlja

NiLU and Tom C. Zemlja are partners on their mission to collect information on Mugenri, although any relationship beyond this is unclear.

Tsubakura Enraku

Tsubakura is one of NiLU's creators.[9] It's unknown what their thoughts on NiLU are, but the monochroid was excited to learn more about them.[7]

Kuroji Shitodo?

As NiLU mused about Kuroji not having any special powers prior to coming to Mugenri unlike their younger siblings, Tom tried to invoke something in the monochroid's memories regarding the reason, saying that they should know all about it.[10] The full extent of their connection is yet unknown, however.


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