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This sub-article lists unofficial content associated to characters and other stuff that originally appeared in predated Len'en Project game Emergency Everyday.

The Game

  • Despite a video of the predecessor game being uploaded to nicovideo in 2010, the video and the overall game was largely unknown to the Western and Japanese fans, and it wasn't discovered until as late as mid-June 2017.


  • Despite not having any apparent direct connection to academics, his hat has associated him with being a teacher or something similar.


  • Ever since his discovery, there have been numerous depictions interpreting Daijin as Tsubakura's father due to their design similarities.
  • Since Daijin is a gamer, many MLG and "epic gamer" jokes are made.

Big Boss

  • Being inspired by the Metal Gear series, and having an ability similar to Solid Snake's tactic of hiding, he is usually associated with said character.


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