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The English transcript of Evanescent Existence for your reading pleasure.

The Japanese transcript has also been included in order to encourage fellow translators to chip in and make our translations more accurate/helpful.





Other Translations[edit]

Spell Cards[edit]

A list of translations of the spell cards appearing in Evanescent Existence.

Difficulty Levels[edit]

Easy 初心者向け、がんばって! For beginners. Do your best!
Normal さっくり楽しめる難易度かも This might be an easy-to-enjoy difficulty level.
Hard ちょっとした手ごたえを Better have some pretty good reflexes.
Unreal 非現実へようこそ Welcome to unreality.
Easy Extra 初心者向け、がんばって! For beginners. Do your best!
Extra そんなことはない It's not what you think.
Absurdly Extra 次にお前は『馬鹿げてる』と言う Soon you'll be saying: "This is ridiculous!"

Stage Titles[edit]

Stage 1 次元洞窟 ~D-Cavern Dimensional Cave ~D-Cavern~
Stage 2 時空の渦 ~Emancipation of Time Spacetime Whirlpool ~Emancipation of Time~
Stage 3 介入者と収穫者 ~Curious_encounter The One who Interferes and the One who Harvests ~Curious Encounter~
Stage 4 上下する存在 ~Air Master! Fluctuating Existence ~Air Master!~
Stage 5 陽を娩む塔餤らう塔 ~Creation and Destruction  The Tower that Births the Sun, the Tower that Consumes the Sun ~Creation and Destruction~
Stage 6 影を放つ暘鳥 ~And the opponent dies The Bird of Sunrise that Casts a Shadow ~And the Opponent Dies~
Extra Stage 現では无い里 ~To the End of Time... The Village Outside Reality ~To the End of Time...~

Playable Character Descriptions[edit]


--攻撃-- --Attack--
まあまあ so-so
--移動速度-- --Movement Speed--
とろい slow
--攻撃範囲-- --Attack Range--
ひろめ wide
--ボム効果時間-- --Bomb Duration--
ながめ long
--ボム威力-- --Bomb Strength--
よわい weak
--弾幕玩具-- --Danmaku Toy--
次元のかけら Dimensional Fragments


--攻撃-- --Attack--
至高 Supreme
--移動速度-- --Movement Speed--
俊敏 Alacrative
--攻撃範囲-- --Attack Range--
狭窄 Constricted
--ボム効果時間-- --Bomb Duration--
瞬目 Instantaneous
--ボム威力-- --Bomb Strength--
強悍 Brutal
--弾幕玩具-- --Danmaku Toy--
 ??? ???


--攻撃-- --Attack--
平凡 Mediocre
--移動速度-- --Movement Speed--
平凡 Mediocre
--攻撃範囲-- --Attack Range--
広範囲&近距離 Wide-Range & Short-Distance
--ボム効果時間-- --Bomb Duration--
全体 Whole Screen
--ボム威力-- --Bomb Strength--
特殊 Special
--弾幕玩具-- --Danmaku Toy--
余波鋭鋒 Aftermath Blades[1]

Staff Roll[edit]

Various Things: JynX
(Okay, so you take 5 pitchers and...)[2]
(And now, two liters of your finest shōchū, please.)[3]
  1. Part of the title of Shouyou Tsubouchi's joururi adaptation of Julius Caesar: 自由太刀余波鋭鋒 (Jiyū no tachi, nagori no kireaji / The swords of freedom, the sharpness left in their wake).
  2. This is likely a reference to Amakasu Barley Tenji Thwiki.png's first spell card from Uwabami Breakers Thwiki.png, 儀式「とりあえずピッチャー二つで」 (Ritual "Anyway, You Take Two Pitchers, and..." )
  3. (shō) is an old Japanese unit of measurement for liquids approximately equivalent to 1.8 liters.