Daijin (developer)

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Gender Female[1]
Notable from Emergency Everyday
Circle(s) Lapxus
Occupation Programmer, Game Director, Game Producer, Character Designer, Illustrator, Game Designer, Music Composer (retired);
JynX's personal game development tutor and playtester
Art Example Daijin
Daijin in Emergency Everyday.

Daijin (大臣, pseudonym) is a former game developer who had been working on Emergency Everyday in 2010, making her the original creator of the Len'en Project, albeit not as we know it today.

General Information[edit | edit source]

Little else is known about Daijin, other than the fact that JynX has nothing but the utmost respect for her, citing her as the one who taught them everything they know about game production.
Despite having given up work on Emergency Everyday, Daijin is still strongly involved with the Len'en Project, primarily as a playtester, but also someone JynX bounces ideas off of.

Additional Information[edit | edit source]

Much like everyone else in the circle that made Emergency Everyday, Daijin also had her name shared with a stage boss - The stage 3 boss Daijin.

References[edit | edit source]