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Creator Tsurubami Senri
Location Unknown (Outside Mugenri?); Currently doesn't exist

A variety of Airspaces (領空, Ryōkū)[1] were created by Tsurubami Senri in order to spirit away the cast of Evanescent Existence. Each one is specially designed according to the people they occupy (with the exception of two, one being the Dimensional Cave), and are connected with an interdimensional corridor that no one but Tsurubami can use. One airspace appears per stage for each occupier (or boss) throughout the game. Note that none of these airspaces have official names, nor was the term "airspace" officially used until the first interview.[1]

After the events of the game, these airspaces have been discarded, and no longer currently exist. All the humans that where spirited away to these airspaces have now settled in Mugenri, because Tsurubami does not have the capability to send them back to the Outside World.[1]

It hasn't been entirely confirmed whether the Dimensional Cave (Stage 1) is an airspace or not, but it does appear at temporary times.

Spacetime Whirlpool[edit]

Aoji Shitodo's Airspace

The airspace in Stage 2 was designed for Aoji Shitodo.

It resembles an ocean from an underwater view, with sunlight shining through the surface and a sandy floor. Many of the stage's enemies also fire danmaku in the shape of a double helix or whirlpool, as Aoji does.

It was due to this setting that Aoji was able to use their powers, since they required a body of water to fight.

Interconnecting Corridor[edit]

The Interdimensional Corridor

Stage 3 is within the interdimensional corridor that connects all the airspaces together.[1] Tsurubami uses it in order to travel between each location. It is designed so that only they can use it,[1] though Yabusame Houlen was able to enter due to their dimension-crossing ability. It was here that Yabusame and Tsurubami first met each other to have a fight (although Yabusame thought they were Tsubakura Enraku). Even though it's only these two that can appear in this corridor, stage enemies still appear.

It is designed with bright green grid patterns on every surface. There may be limited gravity within it, as all four surfaces can change positions with each other. When entering or leaving an airspace, a square-shaped image of the location may phase in and out of view before disappearing altogether.

It is unknown if the corridor is still existent, since no one else in Mugenri can use it. However, it may be speculated that it was Tsurubami's method of exiting Mugenri and into the Outside World.

Hooaka's Airspace[edit]

Hooaka Shitodo's Airspace

The airspace in Stage 4 was designed for Hooaka Shitodo.

It contains several peak-shaped structures that may possibly be trees or large rocks. They first appear grey, but change into a red color as one proceeds. The stage enemies often fire patterns in lined-up formations. If someone ascends to higher altitudes, they can resume into the next airspace.

It can be speculated that the environment changes in order to compliment Hooaka's abilities, primarily for hotter temperature patterns.

Kuroji's Airspace[edit]

Kuroji Shitodo's Airspace

The airspace in Stage 5 was designed for Kuroji Shitodo.

It appears to be very high in elevation, surpassing the height of clouds. In the distance, there is a large, skyscraper-like structure stretching above, and the dark sun leading to Mugenri can be seen in the sky. If one climbs up the tower, they will arrive at the next airspace. The stage enemies move and attack in formations, trying to intimidate intruders.

The setting was well-fitted for Kuroji to use their new powers, as there is plenty of space for danmaku to change trajectory.

The Sun that Casts a Shadow[edit]

The Sun that Casts a Shadow

The airspace in Stage 6 was designed to be the entrance into Mugenri, and was occupied by Clause.

It is very high in elevation, following after a climb up the large structure from the previous airspace. As one ascends, bands of a purple haze can be seen falling down the tower, and were likely made by Clause. The sky is dark, the entrance resembling a solar eclipse. Within the sun are three torii.

Though it wasn't created specifically for any person, it may have been a good place for Clause to use their abilities, as stars are objects with strong amounts of gravity (in spite of it not being a star at all).