A World Outside Fantasy

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夢幻むげん世界せかい ~連縁无現里れんえんむげんり
A World Outside Fantasy
A World Outside Fantasy album cover
Abum cover of A World Outside Fantasy [Frontside]
  • BOOTH: 1 April 2019
  • Bandcamp: 10 April 2019
Tracks 12 + 15 = 27
Length 48:05 + 1:03:50 = 1:51:55

A World Outside Fantasy ~Evanescent Existence~ (夢幻で无い世界 ~連縁无現里~, Mugen de Nai Sekai ~Len'en Mugenri~) is the first official Len'en album by Trick Nostalgie, released on 1 April 2019.

The album comes in two parts, "Frontside" and "Backside", containing all tracks from Evanescent Existence, plus new and unused tracks. The album is currently available for digital sale at BOOTH, with Frontside and Backside sold separately at ¥1500 each. It also comes with a 20-page booklet for each CD, 40 pages in total, containing a short story as well as character profiles, co-written by Rei and Zelo.[1] On 10 April 2019, the album was made available on Bandcamp, again separately as Frontside and Backside.

According to JynX, a physical CD was not made[2] due to a lack of funds,[3] but if the downloads sell well, they will make physical CDs.[4] Sales went reasonably well, which leads to this being possible.[5]



Sometime prior to 10th November 2018, Haru came across Trick Nostalgie's YouTube videos and took note of how Tsubakura Enraku and other people that went missing in the Modern Spiriting Away were in the "games" shown off in its videos, as well as how similar Rei is to an AI once developed at the research facility Hoojiro Shitodo works at. On 10th November, she set up Twitter accounts for both herself and Hoojiro, such that they may view and interact with Rei on the platform. Hoojiro agreed with Haru on how similar Rei is to the AI, and added that the technology should have been frozen and even its data died out, casting suspicion on whoever used to work on the AI as the culprit(s) behind Rei's appearance.

Rei directly contacted the two on the platform, claiming to know of their activities on the Wings of Magritte through the train's internal backup, and asked to learn about their activities at the time elsewhere. Haru and Hoojiro seemed to comply, but the conversation moved on to direct messages, and the rest of their conversation remains unknown. The next day, on the Len'en Project's 5th anniversary (11 November 2018), Rei and Zelo revealed in the "Len'en Project 5th Anniversary Video!" video that the A World Outside Fantasy album had begun production, and that the two monochroids have been helping with writing its booklet.

On the 30th and 31st of March 2019, Haru and Hoojiro resurfaced on Twitter, talking about "something" that they both received recently. Haru commented that "to see what we have done through the interpretation of a third party is a peculiar feeling", which points to what they received being a copy of the album, and that Haru was commenting on the fact that Rei and Zelo wrote the booklet based on the information they learnt from the Magritte's backups and their conversations on Twitter with Haru and Hoojiro. The next day, on 1 April 2019, the album was publicly released.

Booklet Content

Both the Frontside and Backside booklets have the same structure, similar sections are grouped together for ease of reading.

On 10 April 2019, JynX released transcriptions of the booklets for free, allowing places such as this wiki to publicly translate them.[6] The raw data can be found on JynX's website.



  • 01. To the Land Hidden Outside Reality ~ chain link? (現で无い里へ ~ chain link?) (03:07)
  • 02. Exotic Crystal (エキゾチッククリスタル) (03:03)
  • 03. Melanin in Black ~ Colt Snake (メラニンインブラック ~ Colt_Snake) (02:32)
  • 04. Tendency That Sways Even Anchors ~ Lost Anchorage (錨さえ揺蕩ふ趨勢 ~ Lost_Anchorage) (04:11)
  • 05. Churning Solid Diamond ~ Let's Joke! (攪拌する剛体金剛 ~ Let's Joke!) (03:05)
  • 06. Extra Mind (エキストラマインド) (04:45)
  • 07. In This World ~ Monochrome eye (インディスワールド ~ Monochrome_eye) (05:36)
  • 08. Wings That Transcend Spacetime ~ M theory (時空を越える翼 ~ M_theory) (05:35)

  • 10. Virtual Parallel Universe ~ Another dimenTion (仮想平行次元 ~ Another dimenTion) (03:17)
  • 11. Ivory Cup ~ Cup of Eibon (象牙の杯 ~ Cup of Eibon) (04:23)
  • 12. ■|ack◆0x・uG (03:58)[a]


A World Outside Fantasy [Backside] cover
  • 01. The Frozen Heart is What Has Thawed (凍て緩むは凍み氷る心) (05:41)
  • 02. Air Master! ~ Soul Dualism (エア・マスター! ~ Soul_Dualism) (04:25)
  • 03. The Untruth Patronizes the Truth (虚、実を表裏上ぐ) (04:34)
  • 04. End of History (エンドオブヒストリー) (04:30)
  • 05. A Star's Light in the Palm of One's Hand (掌の上の星) (02:02)
  • 06. Empire Power ~ Eternal Force (エンパイアパワー ~ Eternal_Force) (07:39)
  • 07. Phoenix Chick's Heavenly Rush (鳳雛天奔) (05:16)
  • 08. Old Stifled Memories ~ BEGAN (古く噎せる記憶 ~ BEGAN) (04:35)
  • 09. Eternal Dance Engine ~ Shall We Dance!! (永劫舞踏機関 ~ Shall_We_Dance!!) (04:51)
  • 10. Fading Reality ~ human VISION (翳み逝く現実 ~ human_VISION) (02:07)
  • 11. Dissipating Fantasies ~ bard VISION (散り佚す夢幻 ~ bard_VISION) (03:38)

  • 12. Today is the Day We Duel for Real! ~ POWER is STRONG (今日こそマジで決闘だ! ~ POWER is STRONG) (03:50)
  • 14. Alice Leaping Atop Lily Pad Ice (蓮葉氷を跳ぶアリス) (04:41)
  • 15. To Mugenri (无現里へ) (01:42)[b]

Associated pixiv FANBOX Content

Unlike the games, the tracks in the album lack the comments from JynX typically found in the Music Room sections. Instead, JynX posted comments on the new and arranged tracks in several Pixiv FANBOX posts, from 15 December 2019 to 2 February 2020. Alongside each post, JynX released a related music file as a donors-only reward.

  • 15 December 2019 - An Endless Beginning & Virtual Parallel Universe
    • Donors Reward: AnEndlessMIDI.wav (終わりなきMIDI.wav) (04:36)
    • A recording of "An Endless Beginning" with no post-processing.
  • 19 January 2020 - Ivory Cup ~ Cup of Eibon & ■|ack◆0x・uG
    • Donors Reward: Ivory_MIDI.mp3 (Zouge_MIDI.mp3) (04:23)
    • A recording of "Ivory Cup ~ Cup of Eibon" with no post-processing.
  • 26 January 2020 - Today is the Day We Duel for Real! & A World Lacking of You
    • Donors Reward: OfYou_00.mp3 (Kimiga_00.mp3) (04:36)
  • 2 February 2020 - Alice Leaping Atop Lily Pad Ice & To Mugenri
    • Donors Reward: LilyPadIce.mp3 (蓮葉氷.mp3) (04:40)
    • A recording of "Alice Leaping Atop Lily Pad Ice" with every instrument replaced with the piano.

Additional Information

  • The main title of the album, "A World Outside Fantasy", is a parallel to the Japanese title of the title screen theme from Evanescent Existence, "To The Land Hidden Outside Reality".
  • The cover art of the frontside album features the Wings of Magritte, as can be seen when compared to this illustration of the train.
  • There are several secrets hidden among the two album covers. The [Frontside] title logo alone has several secrets hidden within, a hint to one of these being that there are 2 Japanese kanji and 5 letters of the alphabet hidden within it.[7] The Japanese characters are presumably the kanji for Len'en (連縁) partially visible as black strokes within the 幻 kanji.[8] Four of the five letters were confirmed to be E, I, O and N.[9] Assuming that the black part of 世 is a lowercase B, this would mean the Frontside cover spells out "Eibon".


  1. Originally known as "BlackBoxBug" in the Len'en Project 5th Anniversary Video.
  2. An unused staff roll theme from Evanescent Existence.